Interlake Model A Saddle Stitcher
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Interlake Model A Saddle Stitch


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Product Description

S/N 10720
Year 1984

INTERLAKE MODEL A STITCHER Fast, general purpose model for flat or saddle stitching pamphlets or booklets.
Flat or saddle stitches pamphlets, booklets, catalogs, and brochures quickly and easily. Convenient single handle adjustment for work thickness and compression from two sheets to 1/4″. Operating speed-230 stitches per minute. Most productive all-around stitcher for high speed work.
Table tilts for flat or saddle stitching. Table back and side gauges are standard equipment on this quality machine.
Throat Depth:
Flat: 8 1/2″
Saddle: 13″
Minimum: 2 sheets
Maximum: 1/4″
Standard Width of Stitch: 1/2″
Sheets Per Minute: 230
Stitcher Clearance From Top of Compressed Work to Bottom of Head: 1/2″
Stitch Height from Floor: 33 1/2″
Size of Wire: #25 to #27 Round, #20 to #25 Flat
Floor Space Needed: 27″ x 30″
1/3 HP
115 V AC
60 Cycle
Single Phase
Net Weight: 220 lbs