Fastback Model 8
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Fastback Model 8 Binder


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Product Description

Document Thickness: 10 to 275 sheets
Binding Time: 30 – 45 seconds depending on document thickness
Edit Capability: Yes
Warm-up Time: None

The Fastback Model 8 is the most compact and affordable binding machine that Powis Parker offers. In spite of its size, it is also a powerful machine that can produce bound volumes three times faster than traditional punch-and-bind systems. With its ability to create bound documents of any size from 10 to 275 sheets, this machine is perfect for the office that needs a versatile binding machine for short-run and occasional jobs.

The Fastback Model 8 will work in concert with the Foilfast printer and the PowisPrinter, creating a powerful combination of features and capabilities at a reasonable price. Its desktop footprint is small enough to fit the most cramped conditions. It works with the Powis Parker L-Strip binding strips, and the Halfback covers, as well as most other Powis Parker covers, including the Bindercover, which are perfect for creating the ultimate in professional-looking reports.

The Fastback binding is both durable and attractive. Pages in a Fastback document can withstand more than 50 pounds of pull. The rugged thermoplastic adhesive will not become brittle with age. Even with daily use, a Fastback bound document will stay bound for years to come. And yet, you can remove and replace pages in a book long after it has been bound.