GBC Rollseal Ultima35 Laminator
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2006 GBC RollsealUltima35 Ezload Laminator


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Product Description

GBC Rollseal Ultima35 Ezload Laminator
S/N SK44532H
Model Rollseal Ultima35 Ezload

Laminator Specifications

Fast 1 minute warm-up time
Laminates at fixed 39″ per minute
EZload® technology eliminates film loading mistakes
Built-in trimmer and reverse function
Maximum document with of 12″ wide
Compatible with 1.7 to 5 mil, 12″ width EZload roll film on 1″ core
Heat Shoe Accutherm™ heating technology promises flawless, consistent results
LED ready light
Auto standby after 1 hour and shut off after 2 hours of non-use
Limited 1-year warranty
16.92″ L x 18.11″ W x 11.14″ H

Speed Settings: Fixed
Thickness (mil): Up to 10 mil
Warm-up time (minutes): 1
Power Requirements: 120V – 60Hz 7A