Konica 7075 Copier / Printer
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Konica 7075 Printer / Copier


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Product Description

S/N 13GB03853
Model DF-313

The Konica 7075 Enterprise Document System is built to support environments generating up to 500,000 impressions per month. From heavy-duty paper drawers to a streamlined paper path, the 7075 is engineered to keep up with high-production work flow. Shop owners, and machine operators, gain easy access to a greater level of machine functionality, increased uptime and greater efficiency. The 7075 can even keep customized work flowing. All paper sources allow for up to 110 lb. stock, and the document feeder can accept heavy duty originals as well. At the output end, the optional booklet maker allows for on-line saddle stitching, post-engine sheet insertion and offset collating of up to 3000 sheets.